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brighiddevoted's Journal

Devoted to Brighid
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A community of women, men and others who are devoted to Brighid, to discuss the many ways to honor and worship her. This community is designed to support the the idea of traditional, women's flamekeeping orders dedicated to Brighid, yet in this space we will explore the other ways She may be served by healers, priest/esses, bards, smiths, and those upon other paths. This may include those who have household fires dedicated to Her, or who dedicate their Bealltainn and other ritual fires to Her. This community is open to all genders, including those who do not identify with the binary limits, and who serve Her in ways other than tending Her perpetual flame, although flame-tenders are certainly welcome to come here to discuss other devotions as well. However, the private details of tending Her perpetual flame are not a topic for this mixed-gender community, as this is a space for those who follow the tradition of our ancestors in respecting flametending as a women's mystery, that is traditionally forbidden to men.

This is a sibling group with brighidwomen, a women-only flametender's community, and out_hedge, an Outsider's community for warriors and guardians of the priestesses. All members to brighiddevoted must be committed to the belief that only women may tend the perpetual flame and we will not accept applications from those who belong to orders or communities which promote men as flamekeepers.

Any discussion of liturgies must be put in locked posts. It is recommended that all posts in this community be kept members only.

We ask those we do not know well to first apply to out_hedge so we might get to know you better before joining here.

This is a specifically Celtic Reconstructionist / Pàganachd / Págánacht group.

Once your membership in the community is approved, you will probably also have to click on the "monitor community" button above to make sure it shows up on your friends list.